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all things robin hood
the community 
14th-Mar-2008 02:44 PM
doctor and rose
It's been extrememly quiet here, I've done an absolutely horrendous job as a maintainer. So I am wondering if I should be keeping the community up. I guess depending if anyone replies to this post will be the real indicator. I know that since it is the hiatus period and it is bound to be quiet, and then secondly I have done nothing to intiate conversation.

So I leave the question out there, should I just close the community?
14th-Mar-2008 09:36 PM (UTC)
Absolutely adore this show. I am completely addicted -- keep watching it on my computer to get my weekly fix.

Thanks for the input. Will definately try to make a little more exciting here, but I'm not sure if I can do it!
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