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all things robin hood
Season Finale 
15th-Mar-2008 11:01 AM
doctor and rose
Thoughts, comments, opinions?

I am sure everyone was at a loss of words when we discovered that Marian was the character who was killed in the series finale. I am sure none of assumed it would be Marian, since Marian has always been an integeral part of the Robin Hood legend. Okay not really an integeral part, but can you really have Robin without Maid Marian?!? I think the shock came to most as to who killed her. I have watched the series finale four times with four different people and each time there reaction is the same, GUY! IT'S GUY!!! I don't think anyone was expecting that, even if they were spoiled with the news of Marian's demise.

Reading on other boards, they feel Marian was taunting Guy, and she was scarificing her life to save the King. But I don't feel like that at all. I don't think Marian expected Guy to kill her. I think she thought she could shock him, but not garnish a reaction that would lead to her death.

Now to jump onto a completely different area, Will and Djaq. Love that they FINALLY got together. But WTH is this, them staying in the Holy Land. I was not happy. How can you have a third series with three characters not returning. I am terrified that they wont bring Will or Djaq back next year. I don't even what to think how they are going to compensate with the loss of three relatively main characters.

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